Marketing Communications Course

Master B2B and B2C marketing through effective communication methods!

Short Course on Marketing Communications

The course ‘Marketing Communications’ will provide you the knowledge to evaluate the theories and concepts associated with marketing communications. It is designed to allow you to develop a critical awareness of the key characteristics of the communications mix, to introduce the elements of communication theory and to set it in the contexts of business to consumer/ business to business marketing.

The course content is designed under 04 lessons which helps you understand the fundamentals of marketing communications, marketing communication tools, information communication technology in a marketing perspective and business to business marketing.

You are not required to demonstrate previous marketing communications experience or knowledge on what a marketing communication strategy or plans are, to succeed in this course. As future Marketing Communication managers it is important to learn how to communicate with your customers and business partners using the right mix & tools and harness the right mindset to one day put them into practice. Such frames the overall aim of our short course on Marketing Communications.

However, remember to build dialogue with your online class mates and share your ideas and understanding of each of the lessons and topics. Please also ensure that each week you complete the assigned tasks and activities to reap the full benefit of this course.

Finally, the summative assessment will consolidate your learning over the 04 weeks which requires you to furnish a 2,000 words report answering a pre-set question.

How it works


Introduction to Marketing Communications


Introduction to Marketing Communication Tools


Information Communication Technology in a Marketing Perspective


Business to Business Marketing

Your Tutor for the Short Course on Marketing Communications

Online Learning Tutor

Dushanthi Gunasinghe

Dushanthi Gunasinghe is an Assistant Lecturer and a Supervisor for BA programs at LSM, with academic exposure in Management and Marketing. She holds a Business Management degree from University of Wales, UK with a First Class Honours. She is passionate to empower and enlighten students to achieve their highest academic goals

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