International Corporate Law Course

Take the first step toward your career in Law by understanding the terms and concepts of International Corporate Law!

Short Course on International Corporate Law

The course ‘International Corporate Law’ is designed to develop your legal knowledge in the area of business law and to complement other areas such as Private International Law and International Business Crimes. It also examines the regulation of corporations in relation to the European Union and its member states and the wider international community.

The course content is designed under 04 lessons which helps you understand the Fundamentals of Corporate law, Regulations governing Share issues and Capital issues, Market abuse, Insider dealing/ lifting the corporate veil and Derivative claims and Minority Protection.

You are not required to demonstrate previous experience or knowledge on company law, commercial law or public and private international law, to succeed in this course. As future law students it is important to expose yourself to these widely used terms and concepts in international corporate law before pursuing a LLB and a LLM or in becoming a practicing lawyer one day!

However, remember to build dialogue with your online class mates and share your ideas and understanding of each of the lessons and topics. And please also ensure that each week you complete the assigned tasks and activities to reap the full benefit of our short course on International Corporate Law.

Finally, the summative assessment will consolidate your learning over the 04 weeks which requires you to attempt two questions covering the key learning outcomes of this course and submit a report worth 2,000 words.

How it works


Introducing Corporate Law


Shares, Capital and Regulations


Market abuse, Insider Dealing and Lifting the Corporate Veil


Derivative Claims and Minority Protection

Your Tutor for the Short Course on International Corporate Law

Online Learning Tutor

Ashan Stanislaus

Ashan Stanislaus is a lecturer and the head of law programmes at LSM. He is an Attorney-at-Law as well as a practicing corporate lawyer. He also tutors and supervises LSM students.

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