Business Research Methods Course

Get insight on how to undertake management research for your project!

Short Course on Business Research Methods

The course ‘Business Research Methods’ helps you to undertake a piece of business and management research for any type of project by developing appropriate knowledge, understanding and transferable intellectual and practical skills. Emphasis is placed on developing skills most likely to lead to a successful closure of a research journey set within any organisational setting identified by students in the role of either academic or practitioner researchers.

The course content is designed to provide knowledge on framing research aims, generating research questions/ hypothesis and research objectives, developing conceptual frameworks, selection and justification of research design and methodology and on how to act as an ethical researcher so as not to spoil the field.

You are not required to demonstrate previous experience or knowledge on what research methodology is or the various research methods taught for business students, to succeed in this course. As future researchers/ managers it is important to gain knowledge in conducting a research in order to analyse market opportunities etc and make strategic decisions in terms of direction. Such frames the overall aim of our short course on Business Research Methods.

However, remember to build dialogue with your online class mates and share your ideas and understanding of each of the lessons and topics. Please also ensure that each week you complete the assigned tasks and activities to reap the full benefit of this course.

Finally, the summative assessment will consolidate your learning over the 04 weeks which requires you to answer eight questions covering the key learning outcomes of this course. The assessment comprises with a task to furnish a research proposal in 2,000 words.

How it works


The Nature of Management Research


Methodological Approaches to Research


Data Collection Methods


Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analyses

Your Tutor for the Short Course on Business Research Methods

Online Learning Tutor

Chrishanthi Ranaweera

A course leader at LSM, Chrishanthi Ranaweera is a double Master’s holder. She possesses a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from CIM, UK and is a Chartered Management Accountant of CIMA, UK. She is currently a doctoral candidate and has hands on experience in lecturing, tutoring and supervising over 2000 students for the past eight years

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