Recognised Business Partners

RBPs enable LSM to take our qualifications to students across the globe, instead of expecting them to travel to the UK. RBPs support prospective students by providing a variety of services ranging from guidance on entry requirements and giving advice on choosing the right qualifications to providing further opportunities for enhancing their career prospects.

One of the main benefits of becoming a Recognised Business Partner (RBP) is flexibility of the partnership with LSM. RBPs provide prospective students with guidance on submitting an application, advice on entry requirements, as well as help in choosing the right course to achieve their career ambitions.

Even though LSM will be responsible for all aspects of course delivery, RBPs can further assist student by directing them to appropriate local study resources such as local libraries, silent study areas as well as providing opportunities to students to attend relevant seminars and events that are taking place locally.

For example, some of our RBPs assist students by introducing them to companies, where they can base their major projects and other assignments. Further, local workshops conducted by regional universities and other providers (such as, regional and national banks and major companies) are a useful addition to our student learning experience and LSM encourage attending and participating in local learning activities. RBPs can play a key role in identifying such local opportunities for our students.

There are instances where RBPs by themselves organise expert sessions to enable students to enhance their career prospects. Some examples include, career advice, interview techniques, CV preparation, writing and research skills, coaching and mentoring. This level of flexibility for our partners enables them offer tailor-made products reflecting local market’s needs. Currently, we have RBPs located in India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Cameroon, Georgia, Malta, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, USA and many more locations worldwide.

Promoting LSM courses

RBPs are permitted to promote LSM’s courses on our behalf in line with the marketing guidelines and requirements provided. However, all admission decisions are made by admission staff at LSM and RBPs are not allowed to issue any form of indication of course acceptances to students at the time of making an application.

Course offering

As an RBP, you are entitled to refer students, by collecting and forwarding their applications to LSM, and assist in collating supporting documents, for enrolment on all courses offered by LSM.

Fees and payments

Generally, RBPs are not permitted to collect fees on behalf of LSM directly. All payments must be taken by LSM. Upon receipt of payment, LSM will issue a payment receipt to students. However, if the student is charged a consultancy fee by an RBP for their services, this is outside of the cost of the courses provided by LSM, and the RBP must make that clear to the student and issue a receipt for that amount themselves. In countries with high international bank transfer fee, RBPs may collect payments on behalf of students to reduce any additional costs for the students.

Certificate collection

In some cases, RBPs may collect final student certificates on their behalf, especially if the student is unable to collect it by him or herself. However, in these instances, LSM must receive a pre-authorisation form, signed by the student beforehand.