The Local Access Point for LSM Education in Philippines is Concordia Overseas Education.

The Concordia Foundation was formed in 2001 with the sole purpose of providing strategic and multidisciplinary educational research establishing an extensive network of schools: Concordia International University, Concordia International College, Concordia Overseas Education and higher education institutions Concordia College of Benguet and Trinity University.

Concordia International College was inaugurated in 2015 as one of the spearheading Education research institutions of the Concordia Foundation in Asia and the Pacific.

Through the years, the very name Concordia has grown to be synonymous with excellence in worldwide education research, which examines education, learning, and teaching processes and methods that shape educational outcomes by providing the highest quality of academic career programs to local and international students in areas of the highest need.

The very nature of Concordia gives all learners the optimal environment to succeed academically worldwide through both face-to-face and E-learning modes with the use of leading-edge technologies.

With unrivalled expertise, they are in the privileged position of offering Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, and Pathway programmes to their students by giving them the opportunity to engage in flexible and innovative learning experiences to attain their personal and educational goals. Concordia’s primer programmes, offers students well balanced personal, cultural and intellectual experiences that propels them towards a better.