The Local Access Point for LSM Education in Iran is Newton College. NCG’s main goal is to satisfy both parents and students and to constantly improve the level of services to an exceptional level offering a bespoke and an unforgettable experience to them all.

Newton College started its operations in August 1999 and has managed to become a renowned organisation particularly in the student recruitment sector. The Organisation first started its business by recruiting students from the Middle East for a chain of colleges in UK, where our founder (Mr. Mehdi Asili) did his own college studies. NCG later expanded its portfolio to over 200 institutions across the world, exploring every possibility and every region, in the Education industry.

Newton College has hosted many events throughout the past seventeen years such as conferences, introductory seminars, educational workshops, appearances at global exhibitions and entertaining events. Newton College Group’s vision is to become one of the world’s major Education Consultancy, Student Recruitment and Immigration Consultancy Agencies, by taking advantage of innovative education delivery methods and marketing techniques. NCG’s mission is to be socially and financially sustainable leading to a greener future for everyone.

It is the organisation’s objective to constantly increase the quality of its services and to find plausible solutions to individual’s needs before they even exist. Being good is never enough and not the end, but merely the beginning.