Global Business Partners

Global Business Partners (GBP) are the highest level of partnership available at LSM. As such, LSM work very closely with our GBPs, by collaborative marketing, promotional and training initiatives.

Global Business Partners are comprised with the characteristics of both RBPs and LAPs and therefore have the flexibility to develop their business strategy to suit their market needs. In order to qualify as a GBP you are required to work with LSM for a considerable period of time whilst meeting certain performance targets. Usually, existing RBPs and LAPs that have been performing considerably well, can be considered to become a GBP with LSM. To learn more about the benefits offered to a Global Business Partner, contact us.

GBP is best for you, if you are

1. An international educational institution with IT facilities and campuses at several locations internationally

2. A large business owner and entrepreneur, that is planning to invest a significant sum of money to build an educational business.