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Overview of EduQual Level 7 Diploma in Business and Marketing Strategy

The Extended Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Marketing Strategy awarded by EduQual is designed to enhance the potential of applicants who are currently in employment and ready to enter into a marketing management role, or for those who are currently in a marketing role and ready to move into a more senior strategic management position. This diploma is SCQF Level 11 approved.

Course Leader


Gayan Jayasinghe

Gayan Jayasinghe heads the academic panel at LSM while engaging in lecturing and academic supervision. He has years of experience working in the mercantile sector with almost a decade of experience in the education industry. Being an approved Postgraduate level supervisor for Anglia Ruskin University, he has educated more than 2000 students at LSM alone


Strategic Management

Students will examine the role and importance of strategic business planning in organisations. Organisations need to identify their core purpose so that all other activities can be synchronised and structured in order to support the achievement of objectives. The business environment however, is dynamic, and organisations need to respond to both internal and external factors when reviewing their strategies. Strategies need to be designed in such a way as to achieve competitive advantage. Both the strategies and the nature of competitive advantage are dependent on, and need to be aligned to what the business is and what the business does.

Strategic Financial Management

Given that liquidity and stability are central to the survival of organisations, this unit examines the importance of financial resourcing for an organisation’s performance. The business environment and business activities are subject to risk and uncertainty and students will examine how these can be factored into financial management to ensure problems are accounted for and minimised.

The unit teaches students how to assess the financial status of a business using the requisite tools and how to interpret the results to gain a better understanding of the business’ financial performance in order to decide how its financial resources could be managed better.

Global Marketing

This unit is designed to assist marketing practitioners with the effective management of information from a range of sources in the production of a marketing strategy.

Students will critically examine the impact of current developments in design and product/service diffusion and innovation on mass customisation and marketing communications. In addition, the unit highlights the importance of patent, design registration, trade-marking and intellectual property on new products and services. From a strategic perspective, students will critically assess the possible cultural issues facing firms when entering international markets.

Marketing Strategy for Social Enterprise

The aim of this unit is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary in understanding marketing for SMEs, Not for Profit, Public Sector, Entrepreneurship and the Third sector. It also helps students apply these skills in real world.The module covers marketing strategy for an SME, the critical success factors for an SME, the usefulness of the traditional marketing models in the SME context, designing a theoretical construct which reflects the cultural, political and organisational dimensions associated with the role of marketing in the public sector and the effectiveness of marketing in the public sector.

Marketing Management and Strategy

This unit is designed for people who require a contemporary working knowledge and understanding of marketing as one of the main organisational disciplines. It is relevant to both students and managers who come from public or private sector organisations, and who wish to build their managerial experience around market-making principles, and develop a strategic approach to product and market growth as well as organisational wealth.

The unit examines the marketing planning process, market size, structure and segmentation, the marketing mix, buyer and consumer behaviour, branding and market communications, and some of the key financial aspects that underpin successful product and service positioning. Additionally, students will be able to appreciate the multicultural aspects of marketing, and how value propositions can be tailored to meet market needs, so that long-term relationships can be used to build brand strength and customer loyalty.

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Projects you will be part of for the Diploma in Business and Marketing Strategy

Strategic Management with global focus

Having learnt on strategic management and global marketing this combined assignment allows the student to demonstrate in-depth understanding on developing effective strategic plans focusing on marketing, design and innovation for global markets. Overall assignment ensures that the student applies business planning concepts, frameworks to design appropriate global marketing strategies through market research.

Marketing management in business sectors

This assignment aims to train students on marketing decision-making and become familiar with marketing process and communications giving attention to operational marketing activities. Further the assignment enables student to apply marketing knowledge to enterprise success and excellence in SME, public sector and charities.

Financial Planning

The assessment covers two tasks which are to be presented in the report format. Having completed the tasks the student will have gained knowledge and understanding in applying financial principles relevant to strategic management in the organisational contexts. The assessment also focuses on strategic planning for profit as well as not for profit organisations with a global focus.

Entry Requirements If you wish to enrol in this programme, please make sure you meet the following entry requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 passes in GCE A-Level or equivalent.
  • Qualifications other than GCE A-Levels will be considered on an individual basis.


  • If you are not a native English speaker, we would require applicants to demonstrate a certified level of proficiency in IELTS of at least 6 or above, or equivalent.


Who should attend?

This is suitable for individuals who intend to pursue a career in the business industry would greatly benefit from the diploma course. Furthermore, this unique Diploma programme is ideally suited to the fast-paced lifestyle of working professionals; allowing them to study modules when and wherever they choose.

What’s included before I enrol?

Free consultation – One on one communication with our student advisors to help you select the ideal course for your career development.

What's included after I enrol?

  • A welcome webinar – Conducted by a member from our academic team to provide you with an introduction to the course.
  • Extensive course materials– Includes structured lecture notes, industry examples and case studies which illustrate how theoretical concepts and techniques are being implemented in organisations.
  • A comprehensive e-library– Containing the recommended study texts for your course modules.
  • Interactive webinars –Conducted by module tutor before and after you submit a draft assignment or face a mock exam.
  • Dedicated one to one tutor support – He/she will work closely with you and provide complete guidance to help pass your assessments.

What happens after I complete the course?

This diploma, delivered by LSM Education, will act as a pathway qualification to your Master’s degree. Upon successful completion of this diploma course, you will gain direct entry into a range of Master’s Top-Up courses.

Can I get additional help?

As a student of LSM, you will be assigned a personal tutor to clarify and sort any enquiries you may have. In addition we also provide student support through the following methods:

  • Mock examinations/ draft assignment feedback – Before your final assessments, you will be given the opportunity to present your work to a tutor for feedback. This will help you to identify whether you meet the requirements, where you could improve and how you could improve.
  • Administrative support – You will be provided guidance from our dedicated administrative team. Their role is to answer all your questions with regard to the course structure, assessment deadlines or any other course related questions you may have.
  • Peer support – Share study questions and ideas with your fellow course mates using the discussion forum on our learning platform. To gain the best value from your diploma programme, we recommend that you use this facility to network and build strong connections with your course mates.

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