Our Local Access Point in Calicut, Kerala State is School of Business London (SBL). SBL specialises in offering higher and professional education courses for students worldwide via Blended Learning.

This institution provides higher education to transform the skills, knowledge and understanding of their students in order to enhance their employability and enable them to compete successfully in the dynamic and ever changing business world. SBL is dedicated to provide an infrastructure for participating faculty and institutions that includes innovative technology, curricular reinvention, participant training, and ongoing assessment support, all of which are necessary for meaningful, sustainable transformation. Furthermore, they are dedicated to understanding their student’s needs and aim to assist them in realising and achieving their professional goals.

SBL’s vision is to be the most personally connected learning organisation globally – a catalyst for individual, organizational and community transformation. SBL is committed to students and their success and this is guided by the following unwavering values: Excellence, Entrepreneurial spirit, Public accountability, Fiscal and environmental sustainability, Respect for all and Community connections.