Alumni Success Stories

Xialeemar Xiameer Valdeavilla, is a successful entrepreneur and an MBA graduate of LSM. Find out how her MBA helped her to gain more confidence and trust from her clients today!


1. How did you come to learn about LSM?

I learned about LSM from Google. I was looking for a Top Up UK class/university which would credit my post grad units. LSM is one of the very few UK schools that accredited my credits and enabled me to proceed with my Masters by accomplishing the other remaining units through a dissertation.


2. What is your job role now? 

I am handling two companies. I am a CEO of RX international Events and Marketing Consultancy Co. and Managing Director of Xiameer Marketing Services.


3. What would you say is the best advantage you receive by studying with an online educational provider like LSM? 

The best advantage I received by joining LSM is having the flexibility to study and attend to business work at the same time.


4. Do you feel that the LSM course you selected will help you with your future career plans? 

Definitely! The MBA I completed already helped me. As a consultant, it gives me confidence in handling my clients and builds trust with the stakeholders I work with.


5. What do you think of our recently held graduation ceremony? 

The graduation ceremony was well implemented. No long waiting queues and the programmes were done very smoothly.


6. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

My journey with LSM was great.  As a matter of fact, I am very interested in arranging a Local Access Point and business development unit of the institute in the Philippines through my companies.


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