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Waqas Shah dicusses how choosing to study an online MBA from London School of Marketing helped him save for his future.

How did you come to learn about LSM?

was discussing about my further studies with a well reputed educational consultant and he recommended LSM’s Master’s degree program. There were two options for the Master’s program and I chose Masters in Business Administration which was offered by the Anglia Ruskin University.

What would you say is the best advantage you received by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?

The best advantage I had when I was studying LSM was the time I had for myself and friends.

Do you feel that the LSM course you completed will help you with your future career plans?

The course which I studied at LSM was MBA and the degree was from Anglia Ruskin University which is a well reputed university in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the degree is recognised all over the world. This degree has helped me to study further into the field of marketing and also helped me in terms of employment.

How much money have you saved by studying with LSM, rather than travelling to the UK for a degree?

I saved around 3000 thousand pounds. If I did an MBA top up programme from another university, I would have been paying more just to attend classes. At LSM, I did not attend any classes as the lectures, study materials were available through London School of Marketing’s online system. Also, my supervisor was helpful throughout my course.

How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

My overall experience at London School of Marketing was great. I learned a lot of new things, specially studying online which is in my opinion very easy. The staff at London School of Marketing are helpful and friendly. My supervisor was caring and helped me to finish my course. The study material and webinars provided by London School of marketing are informative and relevant. All of the courses, in my case MBA, are valuable and recognised everywhere.

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