Alumni Success Stories

Therese-Mintoff-Nee-Carr-Online-Degrees-UKTherese Carr, MBA Graduate of LSM, shares how she completed her studies even with her busy schedule. Learn more about her student experience today.

1. How did you come to learn about LSM?

I learnt of LSM through my colleagues who praised LSM greatly.


2. What would you say is the best advantage you receive by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?

Being both a workaholic and a bookworm I realised that the only possible way to make my dream come true and graduate is to continue my education online. LSM gave me that opportunity, gave me flexibility to accommodate what I truly needed.


3. Do you feel that the LSM course you selected will help you with your future career plans?

Definitely. A degree is a prestigious achievement which will stand out on my CV.


4. How much money have you saved by studying with LSM, rather than travelling to the UK for a degree?

I would say, THOUSANDS, as leaving the family behind would have been a great drawback and will commit you to return repeatedly.


5. What do you think of our recently held graduation ceremony?

Obvious to say, it was well-organised and everything went on smoothly. You made us feel like ‘Kings& Queens’ for two hours. It surely is an experience of a Life time!


6. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

LSM is a high profiled entitle which gives valuable opportunities to find alternative ways of becoming tomorrow’s professionals. UNDOUBTEDLY I would recommend it without hesitation.

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