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Our MBA (Top up) student, Oscar Omoede Guobadia , shares his thoughts on how flexible and affordable the LSM student experience has been.

1. How did you come to learn about LSM?
I came to know LSM when I was studying for my postgraduate and taking one of the marketing modules. [Strategic Marketing Methods].


2. What would you say is the best advantage you received by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?
The flexibility of studying is absolutely amazing. An ability to work fulltime and study as well. Even though the learning portal has resources to help students, the tireless lecturers are always ready to assist.

3. Do you feel that the LSM course you completed will help you with your future career plans?
Definitely. It has opened my eyes to a lot of many opportunities in the market and competitive edge over competitors.


4. How much money have you saved by studying with LSM, rather than travelling to the UK for a degree?
I have saved quite a lot of money when comparing with studying abroad.


5. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

The experience here is very literally an interesting ride. It’s been a journey and I’m grateful to the management who constantly provided us with platforms to share our experiences and rate their services after every engagement. They are swift in their response to queries and call to make sure we are on top gear with our studies. I will recommend LSM over and over again.

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