Alumni Success Stories

Mordi-Ochi-Online-Degrees-UKOur BA (Hons) in Marketing (Top Up) student, Mordi Ochi, shares his experience with LSM Education.

1. How did you come to learn about LSM?

At the time I was thinking of gaining a marketing qualification while working. I know I needed a degree and I needed my job at the same time, so I had to find a platform that can offer me both. I spoke to a few friends in the UK and 7/10 recommended LSM. So I said to myself, there you go!


2. What would you say is the best advantage you received by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?
With LSM I enjoyed the flexibility of working and studying at the same time through a well robust online education platform. Most times it felt I was in the classroom and in the office at the same time.


3. Do you feel that the LSM course will help your future career plans?
Recently I got a job with a multinational in my country and I can confidently say that the LSM course played a huge role in helping me secure the job.


4. How much money have you saved by studying with LSM, rather than travelling to the UK for a degree?
Distance learning sure saves you money. Sincerely speaking the money saved plus the learnings, makes it a phenomenon!


5. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?
My experience with LSM is something worth sharing, if you are looking for a school of marketing to study with and be taught by great tutors and still have the time to work or do business then LSM is the school for you.

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