Alumni Success Stories


Evan Benedicto, MBA Graduate of LSM, states the following, “Students planning to take these courses should really think how it could positively affect their careers”. Learn more about his student experience today.

1. How did you come to learn about LSM?

Through research! I was new in UAE, I just left my clinical nursing career in the Philippines and I wanted to do an administrative role in the healthcare industry. I wanted a globally competitive and recognized university to do my MBA. That’s when I learned about London School of Marketing and its partnership with Anglia Ruskin University. I researched about both institutions, its history, accreditations and reputation, and was quite pleased with what it has to offer. After a few months of researching and thinking about my goals and how further education can contribute to it, I then called London school of marketing and an academic consultant advised me about the program and the university. I signed in with LSM in less than a week!


2. What is your job role now?

Emergency department coordinator in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. I’m also working closely with the training department to help out with the Training courses for the new employees.


3. What would you say is the best advantage you receive by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?

Confidence and convenience. Confidence would just be attributed with the whole idea of getting an MBA, because it was not time consuming for a working professional like me, who has a healthcare background. I liked that it was a double diploma program that allows me to get a post graduate diploma in business management first, and then topping up with an MBA. It closed all gaps and it created a full learning experience. Convenience is another advantage with LSM, it is not always easy, but the staff helps out as much as they can to assist you with your studies and deadlines, but it’s still really all up to you. I’ve taken a blended mode of learning that allows me to have sitting classes and online modules all in the same week. It allowed me to stay at work and focus on school at the same time.


4. Do you feel that the LSM course you selected will help you with your future career plans?

Yes, in fact it already is. Having completing my MBA, I gained the confidence of knowing that I can achieve any professional goals and overcome any obstacles that come my way. I think students who are planning on taking these courses should really think how it could positively affect their careers and how it will align with their goals. Personally, this designation and education allowed me to proceed with my passion for training and teaching, in a corporate or academic setting.


5. What do you think of our recently held graduation ceremony?

It was cool! I liked how modern and current it was. I don’t know one person in the ceremony but I felt at home, being surrounded by like-minded people around the globe, it was truly a highlight of my life.


6. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

Tough, but truly worth it!

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