Alumni Success Stories

Dawood-Ibtehsam-Online-Degrees-UKDawood Ibtehsam, our MBA (Top Up) student, discusses the perks of online learning and how he benefitted from choosing to study at London School of Marketing.


1. How did you come to learn about LSM?
I came across LSM platform through a friend who recommended this institution above all as he successfully completed his MBA with flying colours.


2. What would you say is the best advantage you received by studying with an online educational provider like LSM?
The best advantage I had was the easy but thorough schedule I had for the completion of my course. The syllabus was quite easy to follow and I could study at my own time while I was working on a full time job. This gave me a flexibility to work and study at the same time.


3. Do you feel that the LSM course will help your future career plans?
The course I have completed will definitely help to achieve my career goals. As of now, I work as a logistics manager at one of the top firms, and soon I will be becoming a partner rather than employee after the completion of the course.


4. How much money have you saved by studying with LSM, rather than travelling to the UK for a degree?
I already live in the UK but still have saved a large amount as compared to studying at other organisations. It’s in the region of £5000.


5. How would you sum up your experience at LSM?
Being a part of LSM was an honour as it gave me an opportunity to gain knowledge from the best tutors and helped me immensely in pursuing my goals. I would recommend this institute to anyone who is working full time and wants to progress further in their future goals by achieving higher education simultaneously.

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