Alumni Success Stories


Anna Johanna Genis shares how an MBA course from London School of Marketing helped her move into a more rewarding career path.

How did you come to learn about LSM?

I decided to follow a new career direction and along the new path I met a great Englishman/ friend who introduced me to LSM and I decided to make the most of this opportunity to study further.

What would you say is the best advantage you received by studying with an online provider like LSM?

I studied before at a university in Pretoria (RSA) and online studies was totally unknown to me. It took me a while, but once I put my head to it I was quite surprised how convenient it was. I could study according to my own program, and still work during the day full time. You need self-discipline but the subjects were so interesting that I did not have any problem with that.

Do you feel that the LSM course will help your future career plans?

I believe that the knowledge I gained at LSM will definitely help me with my career plan. There is not many quality schools available to study in security, and it opened my eyes to look for new opportunities and develop myself in subjects I never thought about before.

Would you recommend LSM to a friend?

I would definitely recommend LSM to friends, in fact one of my friends have started studying with LSM already.

How would you sum up your experience at LSM?

LSM is a quality school that give people with a very practical background lots of opportunities to broaden their minds, and put their knowledge to use in a more theoretical way. It’s like what I have learned before comes together in this course. And I love that.

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