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“Having completed my MBA, I gained the confidence of knowing that I can achieve any professional goal and overcome any obstacle that come my way. Personally, this education allowed me to proceed with my passion for training and teaching, in a corporate or academic setting.”

– Evan Ray Benedicto

Overview of the Online MBA (Top-Up) degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

Our Anglia Ruskin University accredited online MBA (Top-Up) degree is designed to give you a broader and stronger foundation to enhance your career, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to rise through the rankings in your organisation. LSM’s online MBA (Top-Up) degree is cost efficient and if you already possess the entry requirements, the MBA (Top-Up) degree programme is the best option for you.

We take a strategic perspective on business and management that helps you develop the skills and best practices needed to contribute to major business decisions. Although this distance learning MBA consists of just three modules, it is not considered a mini MBA. Upon successful completion of the MBA (Top-Up) degree programme and the required coursework, you will be awarded the same degree as a full MBA graduate.


Course Leader for the Online MBA (Top-Up) degree


Gayan Jayasinghe

Gayan Jayasinghe heads the academic panel at LSM while engaging in lecturing and academic supervision. He has years of experience working in the mercantile sector with almost a decade of experience in the education industry. Being an approved Postgraduate level supervisor for Anglia Ruskin University, he has educated more than 2000 students at LSM alone

Modules for the Online MBA (Top-Up) degree

Term 1

Marketing Design and Innovation

In this module of the online MBA (Top-Up) degree you will investigate stylistic changes in taste, fashion and customer needs by examining contemporary issues in marketing, design and innovation, including dependency products and services and best value. You will also look at marketing principles such as, product and service design, functionality and purpose, customer perception, value and branding extend to the consideration of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework at the end of the module

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Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and critically evaluate the main characteristics of product and service design and innovation from the marketing.
  2. Distinguish between the key characteristics of the design process in the context of stylistic change, fashion and consumer taste, including the nature of design management and the importance of design and innovation in enhancing competitiveness.
  3. Critically appraise the importance of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property on new products and services.
  4. Critically examine the impact of current developments in design and product/service diffusion and innovation on mass customisation and marketing communications.

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Research Methods for Business and Management

In this module of the distance-learning MBA you will acquire the skills and abilities that managers need to carry out business and management research that will enable you to develop your workplace based Master’s project. Focus is given to the specific issues faced by managers and researchers when carrying out research in an organisational setting.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Research proposal and coursework

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the different approaches to research used in business / management and the social sciences.
  2. Identify and justify decisions regarding their chosen topic, research questions and research methodology.
  3. Synthesise and critically evaluate the current theoretical and methodological developments in their chosen field of study, making clear their own contributions to this body of work.
  4. Demonstrate the required skills and abilities needed to successfully plan, organise, undertake and communicate the findings of a piece of small scale business / management research.

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Term 2

Postgraduate Major Project

The MBA dissertation, also known as the Postgraduate Major Project, allows you an opportunity to demonstrate, several important intellectual and practical skills at an advanced level. These skills are considered valuable by employers as the dissertation is your own work, and it is proof that you have mastered the skills. In fact, sometimes your dissertation will help you to obtain an interview or find the suitable job position, along with this MBA (top-up) programme.

Credits: 60
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Research report

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Learning Outcomes

  1. With reference to a chosen significant and complex area for enquiry, establish a method for investigation / exploration of key concepts, models and principles.
  2. Critically evaluate complex issues from a variety of viewpoints.
  3. Develop effective arguments to support relevant conclusions.
  4. Justify & rigorously apply appropriate methodologies, techniques and practical strategies; being sensitive to the context.
  5. Where appropriate, formulate solutions to business or management problems in discussion with peers, clients, mentors and others.
  6. Reflect critically on the process and outcomes of the investigation / enquiry.

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Projects you will be part of for the online MBA (Top-Up) degree

Distance Learning MBA - Project 1

Driving marketing innovation

Having learnt all the marketing innovation theories in the Marketing Design and Innovation module, this assignment allows you to observe how marketing innovation plays out in the context of today’s global landscape, by selecting a specific product newly launched to the industry and examining its performance.

Distance Learning MBA - Project 2

An introduction to research methods

The aim of this assessment is to train students to understand the research process and skills required to conduct a research of their own. The research topic will be based on critical issues faced by managers in a business context so you can gain more practical exposure whilst also understanding the challenges of conducting a research. The overall experience ensures that you are fully equipped to face the next research based module, the final year dissertation.

Distance Learning MBA - Project 3

MBA Dissertation

In order to obtain a British online MBA degree you must develop and submit a dissertation. The research and compiling of the findings will be an individual effort that allows you to demonstrate both organisational and time management skills. You will further enhance your research skills and techniques, and deepen your understanding of at least one major area of business and related areas. Through this MBA Top Up degree dissertation, you will develop and improve evaluation, synthesis, and critical thinking as well.

Entry Requirements for the Online MBA (Top-Up) degree If you wish to enrol in this programme, please make sure you meet the following entry requirements:

  • UK Bachelor’s degree or equivalent AND
  • Two years’ managerial work experience OR;
  • Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree but with a minimum of five years of relevant managerial work experience (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • A good command of English (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or above) PLUS

One of the below access qualifications

Kindly note that other equivalent qualifications may be accepted for entry to this distance learning MBA (Top-Up) programme, please email for further information.


Alternative course option:

If you are not eligible for this online MBA (Top-Up) degree programme, you can sign up for our full MBA Degree programme, also awarded by Anglia Ruskin University. The entry requirements for the full MBA course are less demanding and may suit your requirements better. Learn more course information here.

FAQs for the Online MBA (Top-Up) degree

Who should take this course?

Our MBA classes online welcome applicants from any discipline and from a wide range of job roles. Many entrants have a science or technology qualification, so it is not necessary that you have studied business or management before.

If you are ready to make the jump into more management orientated roles, this MBA top up programme is for you. It prepares you for a range of career opportunities, in both general management and specialist functions. Typical MBA careers include accountancy, administration, banking, education, finance and human resource management.

What’s included before I enrol?

Free consultation – One on one communication with our student advisors to help you select the ideal course for your career development.

What's included after I enrol?

  • A welcome webinar – Conducted by a member from our academic team to provide you with an introduction to the course.
  • Extensive course materials – Includes structured lecture notes, industry examples and case studies which illustrate how theoretical concepts and techniques are being implemented in organisations.
  • A comprehensive e-library – Containing the recommended study texts for your course modules and access to Mintel market reports.
  • Interactive online webinars – Conducted by module tutors before and after you submit a draft assignment or face a mock exam.
  • Dedicated one to one tutor support – he/she will work closely with you and provide complete guidance to help pass your assessments so that you can get the best distance learning MBA experience.

What happens after I complete the course?

Upon successful completion of the online MBA (Top-Up) degree, you will be provided with the following:

  • Certification from the University – Delivered to your residential address and does not mention the study mode on the certificate as a distance learning MBA.

Can I get additional help?

We understand that education requires more than one way communication from the lecturer. As an online MBA (Top-Up) degree student of LSM, you will be assigned a personal tutor to clarify and sort any enquiries you may have. In addition we also provide student support through the following methods:

  • Mock examinations/ draft assignment feedback – Before your final assessments, you will be given the opportunity to present your work to a tutor for feedback. This will help you to identify whether you meet the requirements, where you could improve and how you could improve.
  • Administrative support – Our online MBA cost includes support from our dedicated administrative team. Their role is to answer all your questions with regard to the MBA (Top-Up) programme course structure, assessment deadlines or any other course related questions you may have.
  • Peer support – Share study questions and ideas with your fellow online MBA (Top-Up) degree course mates on our multi-platform accessible learning platform. To gain the best value from your British online MBA, we recommend that you use this facility to network and build strong connections with your course mates.

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