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“With LSM I enjoyed the flexibility of working and studying at the same time through a well robust online education platform. Most times I felt I was in the classroom.”

- Mordi Ochi

Overview of Anglia Ruskin University Master of Business Administration

Our Anglia Ruskin University offers accredited full form online MBA degree which is designed to give you a broad and strong foundation in order to enhance your career, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to rise through the ranks in your organisation.

We take a strategic perspective on business and management aspects to guide you in the development of the skills and best practices that are required to contribute towards corporate and business decisions.  In contrast to the Anglia Ruskin Top- Up MBA program, the full online MBA program offers nine modules that will give you an in-depth understanding which executives and entrepreneurs should possess in order to take strategic decisions in the organisations.

Course Leader

Gayan Jayasinghe

The head of the academic panel at LSM, Gayan Jayasinghe, has over a decade of experience working in the education industry, holds two MBA qualifications from Worchester University and Anglia Ruskin University respectively and is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching and has educated more than 2000 students in his career as an educator.

Modules for the online MBA degree
Term 1

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

On successful completion of the finance module of the master's degree you will be able to critically consider the impact financial decisions have, both internally and externally. In addition, you will be able to evaluate the role of various performance measures within organisations. You will learn to analyse various types of data and a range of techniques to aid management decision making.

Marketing Design and Innovation

In this module of the MBA degree, you will investigate and examine evolving contemporary issues in marketing, design and innovation. You will also obtain an in-depth understanding of marketing principles of product and service design, functionality and purpose, customer perception, value and branding in relation to patenting an idea, design registration, trademark and intellectual property.

Marketing Communications

This module will enable you to evaluate theories and concepts associated with marketing communications. This module is designed in order to develop a critical awareness of the key characteristics of the communication mix and to introduce elements of communication theory. Moreover, this module gives the opportunity to study several case examples from various industries.

Strategic Management

This module of the full MBA degree programme explores the rich field of strategic management and how strategic analysis and formulation contribute to an organisation’s performance. You will be introduced to practical perspectives, relevant ideas and frameworks for strategy used in design and implementation. In addition, the module deals with how to identify and make a chosen strategy work. This module adopts a practical and problem-oriented approach. In particular, it helps you to apply concepts and explore conceptual frameworks to assist you in analysing and gaining insight into the competitive situation and strategic dilemmas faced by organisations.

Term 2

Strategic Marketing Management

The module explores key aspects of strategic management, strategic analysis and strategic formulation. The module is integrative in nature, provides practical perspective, relevant ideas and frameworks that facilitate strategy design and implementation. As such, the module deals on the identification of a superior competitive position and analysis of a strategic situation in order to create a robust organisational context in a dynamic environment.

Human Resource Management in Practice

This module introduces you to key concepts and policies underlying HRM in organisations. Thus, the module looks at techniques, procedures and systems that are available to managers in order to enhance performance, achieve excellence and align corporate goals. The focus of the module will be on students developing their own views and ideas on the efficacy of different HRM frameworks and usefulness of tools for the development of HRM as a source of competitive advantage through people.

Research Methods for Business and Management

In this top-up online MBA degree module you will acquire the skills and abilities that managers need to carry out business and management research that will enable you to carry out your research project. More focus is given to the specific issues faced by managers and researchers.

Executive Leadership

In this module, online MBA degree students will investigate and critically evaluate different approaches to executive leadership as well as qualities, styles and skills required by top managers in today’s complex, global business environment. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your own personal effectiveness and development as a leader in preparation for a more serious role within the organisation.

Term 3


The MBA dissertation, also referred to as the Postgraduate Major Project, enables you to demonstrate, several important intellectual and practical skills at an advanced level. These skills are valued by employers. Moreover, as the dissertation is your own work, it is a proof that you have mastered them. Your dissertation will likely to assist you to obtain an interview or even obtain the position in the organisation that you intend.

Projects you will be part of for the online MBA degree
Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Management accounting for a non-financial role

The assignment on finance for non-financial managers is designed to provide you with an opportunity to enhance your financial analytical skills which will be a competitive advantage while performing your job role. It provides you an insight to modern management accounting perspectives.

Marketing Design and Innovation

Driving marketing innovation

Having learnt the vital importance of marketing innovation through this module, the assignment allows you to observe how marketing innovation plays a role in the context of today’s global landscape, by selecting an innovative product in an industry and examining its performance.

Marketing Communications

Evaluating the Marketing Mix of an organisation

The project for Marketing Communications will provide you with an opportunity of understanding of real world marketing communications practices. It will focus on developing your understanding on key theories and frameworks and practical application in an organisational context.


Strategic marketing plan

This module requires that you develop a strategic marketing plan for an organisation as your project. You will obtain practical experience in securing data and performing market and competitor analysis.

Human Resource Management in Practice

HRM Practices

After having learnt the importance on human resources within an organisation and their effective management, this assignment will allow you to take a critical approach in the HRM practices of a chosen organisation including its wider corporate strategy and HRM strategies.

Research Methods for Business and Management

An introduction to research methods

The core objective of this assessment is for you to understand the research process and skills required to conduct a research of your own. The research topic will be based on a critical issue faced by business managers, so you can gain more practical exposure whilst also understanding the challenges of conducting a research. The overall experience ensures that you are fully equipped to face the next research based module of the course, the final year dissertation.

Executive Leadership

A critical analysis of your effectiveness as a leader

The assessment for your Executive Leadership module will require you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your own leadership approach, help identify your strengths and weaknesses whilst encouraging you to implement theoretically sound leadership techniques to transform you into a better leader.


Strategic plan

After having uncovered the concept of strategic management and its related theories and frameworks, you will now have the opportunity to put this to use by creating a strategic plan for an organisation of your choice

Postgraduate Major Project


In order to obtain an accredited MBA degree you must prepare, submit and pass a dissertation. The research and writing up of your findings is very much an individual effort that allows you to demonstrate both organisational and time management skills. You will have further honed your research skills and techniques and deepened your understanding of at least one major area of business and/or business related areas. Through this MBA Top-Up programme dissertation, you will develop and improve evaluation, synthesis, and critical thinking.

Entry Requirements for the MBA Degree

The prerequisite knowledge and/or experience you would need to study this course.
  • An honours degree or equivalent OR mature students with at least 5 years of relevant managerial work experience AND
  • English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.5  

Kindly note that other equivalent qualifications may be accepted for entry to this course, please email [email protected] for further information.


Alternative course option:

If you wish to gain a Professional Diploma along with your Anglia Ruskin University MBA qualification, you can sign up for our MBA Top-Up inclusive of EduQual Diploma in Business Management course here.

FAQ for the online MBA degree

Who should attend?

Awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, the course is amongst the 70 best MBA programs in the United Kingdom. Our MBA degree caters to the modern day professional who leads a challenging career, an active personal life and is on a constant hunt for time. The flexibility offered by the course allows you to study when and wherever you prefer. To provide the best value MBA in the industry, LSM also offers highly competitive course rates and allows you to pay in installments.

The course content is structured by industry experts and adds on to the knowledge you have gained previously to include all aspects of running a business- from sales to human resource management. Upon completion of the course, you will be well equipped to take on more strategic responsibilities and work towards a achieving a higher pay scale.

What’s included before I enrol?

Free consultation - One on one communication with our student advisors to help you select the ideal course for your career development.

What's included after I enrol?

  • A welcome webinar – Conducted by a member from our academic team to provide you with an introduction to the course.
  • Extensive course materials - Includes structured lecture notes, industry examples and case studies which illustrate how theoretical concepts and techniques are being implemented in organisations.
  • A comprehensive e-library - Containing the recommended study texts for your course modules and access to Mintel market reports.
  • Interactive webinars - Conducted by module tutor before and after you submit a draft assignment or face a mock exam.
  • Dedicated one to one tutor support - He/she will work closely  with you and provide complete guidance to help pass your assessments.

What happens after I complete the course?

Upon successful completion, you will be provided with the following:

  • Certification from the University - Delivered to your residential address and does not mention the study mode.
  • Graduation ceremony in UK - All students who successfully completed the course are invited to a grand graduation ceremony held at the heart of London, United Kingdom.
  • Access to the LSM job platform - Offering an array of job opportunities to graduates to help find their dream job.

Can I get additional help?

Even the best MBA programs tend to take a more robotic approach to delivering knowledge to students. We understand that education requires more than one way communication from the lecturer.

As an MBA student of LSM, you will be assigned a personal tutor to clarify and sort any enquiries you may have. In addition we also provide student support through the following methods:

  • Mock examinations/ draft assignment feedback - Before your final assessments, you will be given the opportunity to present your work to a tutor for feedback. This will help you to identify whether you meet the requirements, where you could improve and how you could improve.
  • Administrative support - You will be provided guidance from our dedicated administrative team. Their role is to answer all your questions with regard to the course structure, assessment deadlines or any other course related questions you may have.
  • Peer support - Share study questions and ideas with your fellow course mates on our multi-platform accessible learning platform. To gain the best value from your MBA programme, we recommend that you use this facility to network and build strong connections with your course mates.

MBA Full Degree programme

  • 09 Modules
  • 12 Months
  • 03 Terms
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