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Free short e-course - Business Finance

Free online course on Business Finance

The course ‘Business Finance’ will provide you a sound grasp of the basics of financial reporting and preparation of financial statements. This coporate finance course is also designed to introduce you to key management accounting skills necessary to support decision making. It will emphasise the acquisition and application of skills and knowledge necessary to inform managers responsible for planning, decision making and control. The course content is designed under 04 lessons which helps you understand financial reporting, management accounting and decision making, principles of financial statements and the fundamentals of costing, commercial finance and budgeting.

You are not required to demonstrate previous experience or knowledge to succeed in this course. As future financial analysts it is important to work on novel and hypothetical scenarios and know the required tools and theories to analyse the financial viability of organisations and use such insights for decision making. Such frames the overall aim of this course.

However, remember to build dialogue with your online class mates and share your ideas and understanding of each of the lessons and topics. And please also ensure that each week you complete the assigned tasks and activities to reap the full benefit of this course.

Finally, the summative assessment will consolidate your learning over the 04 weeks which requires you to attempt 02 tasks covering the key learning outcomes of this course. You are required to submit a report worth 2,000 words answering both tasks.


How it works

Week One


Financial Reporting


Week Two


Management Accounting and Decision Making 

Week Three


Principles of Financial Statements


Week Four


Costing and Budgeting

Your free course tutor
Course Leader - Shiranee

Shiranee Saverimuttu

Shiranee is a lecturer with LSM, combined with nearly ten years of industrial experience and more than three years of lecturing. She is passionate to empower and enlighten students to achieve their highest academic goals. Currently, she is in charge of Accounting and Finance related modules of BSc and MSc programmes of the University of Northampton. She is an Associate Member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK and has completed a Master of Science in Applied Finance. Moreover, Annette is an active Mentor with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.