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Free short e-course - Business Economics

Free online course on Business Economics

The course ‘Business Economics’ will provide you the knowledge to assess the aims and objectives of business economics, understand the concept of applied economics and its usefulness. The course content is designed under 04 lessons which helps you understand data presentation and collection, quantitative indicators for business decision making, business economics and statistical indicators & types of market failure on business activity.

You are not required to demonstrate previous experience or knowledge on managerial economics or the principles of economics to succeed in this course. As future business analysts it is important to work on novel and hypothetical scenarios and know the required tools and theories to analyse the business environment. Such frames the overall aim of our free short e-course on Business Economics.

However, remember to build dialogue with your online class mates and share your ideas and understanding of each of the lessons and topics. And please also ensure that each week you complete the assigned tasks and activities to reap the full benefit of this course.

Finally, the summative assessment will consolidate your learning over the 04 weeks which requires you to answer eight questions covering the key learning outcomes of this course. The assessment comprises with 02 tasks and you are required to submit a report worth 2,000 words answering all eight questions.

How it works

Week One


Data Presentation and Collection


Week Two


Quantitative indicators for business decision making 

Week Three


Business Economics and Statistical indicators

Week Four


Types of market failure on business activity

Your free course tutor
Course Leader - Gayathri

Gayathri Soundaranayagam

Gayathri Soundaranayagam is a lecturer and a course leader at LSM, with industry experience in marketing, management and tourism. She is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy. She tutors and supervises postgraduate students at LSM. She has hands on experience in lecturing management, tourism, human resource management and digital marketing.