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“For me the best advantage of studying online with LSM was the flexibility and the option to work full time. Due to the strong competition for jobs and the work experience employers nowadays often ask for, being able to work full time whilst studying not only gives students the opportunity to pay for their studies right away, it also gives students the advantage to apply for certain jobs once the studies are finished without the lack of work experience.”

– Corinna Traurig

Overview of the Online BA in Business Management (Top-Up) Degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

This Online BA in Business Management (Top-Up) Degree awarded by Anglia Ruskin University has been designed to provide you with skills and knowledge that will enhance your performance if you are new to managing teams or projects in your workplace. It not only focuses on theories and knowledge relating to management and leadership, but will also equip you with the practical know-how that is relevant and timely to use in your job role.

The BA in Business Management will give you the opportunity to study a full range of business skills that include marketing, strategic management and planning, change management and sustainability. The course is suitable for applicants holding a Level 5 qualification or applicants without a Level 5 qualification but holding extensive marketing/ management experience and wishing to obtain a recognised degree to enhance their career prospects. With a course duration of just nine months, this course is a cost-effective way to study for suitably qualified candidates who want to build a career in business.

Course Leader for the Online Business Management Degree Programme


Gayan Jayasinghe

Gayan Jayasinghe heads the academic panel at LSM while engaging in lecturing and academic supervision. He has years of experience working in the mercantile sector with almost a decade of experience in the education industry. Being an approved Postgraduate level supervisor for Anglia Ruskin University, he has educated more than 2000 students at LSM alone

Modules for the Online Business Management Degree Programme

Term 1

International Marketing

This module of the online business management degree programme is designed to provide students with an understanding of marketing from an international perspective. The increased access to new markets across the world means that both opportunities and threats face marketers in the global context. Overcoming cultural issues remains a crucial challenge, along with the ability to effectively communicate to perhaps a very different target audience. The module examines a range of case examples in international markets.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework at the end of the module

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Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a full understanding of the environmental challenges facing international marketers.
  2. Show how an international marketing mix can be applied to real case examples.
  3. Distinguish between the ranges of market entry methods.
  4. Construct an international marketing plan.

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Marketing Consultancy

This module of the online bachelor’s degree in business management gives students the opportunity to undertake an in-depth marketing project for a client organisation. Students will work on a live project for which they will be expected to work towards a solution to a ‘need’ that the client will have

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Presentation and report

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise and critically evaluate advantages to be gained by working on a ‘live’ time-constrained project and be aware of the difficulties this will involve.
  2. Explore and evaluate the business and marketing information needed when working with external clients on a live marketing project.
  3. Demonstrate information collection, classification, prioritisation and analysis skills as well as problem-identification skills and relate this to marketing theories and concepts.
  4. Working as a group, present a commercially credible proposal to an outside client, using a written presentation.

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Strategic Management Analysis

As expected from a general online bachelor’s degree in business management, this module is designed to provide students with a holistic view of organisations’ strategic position and thus the ability to appreciate the importance of strategic decisions at all levels of the business organisation. Its primary aim is to provide a vehicle for considering issues which cut across the functional boundaries of business organisations and which require multi-disciplinary skills in the solution.

The module is concerned with the strategic analysis of organisations about their competitive positioning, their strategy with their environment and their management style and culture. This study will form the platform for reviewing strategic options in response to the competitive environment and for considering aspects involved in implementing such strategic options.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of strategic resource capabilities of business organisations, the organisations’ strengths and weaknesses and their impact upon organisational dynamics.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and dynamics of the competitive environment in which business organisations operate, with particular focus on environmental threats and opportunities.
  3. Undertake a detailed analysis and evaluation of the resource capability and competitive environment of business organisations, with particular focus on the straetgic fit of such organisations.
  4. Interpret that detailed analysis correctly and then report and present those findings in an appropriate manner.

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Term 2

Organisational Change Management

The best online management degrees should cover all aspects of an organisation, from the way in which all departments contribute to achieving business goals, how business challenges are overcome, to aspects such as the way in which changes within the organisation affects employees in an organisation. By studying this module of the online degree in business management, students will gain an understanding about how an organisation will try to achieve a high level of employee engagement by re-shaping their attitudes, and behaviour in conjunction with the changes taking place within the organisation.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the practices and leadership behaviours that are required to participate in and effectively respond to change and challenges in the workplace.
  2. Consider the practical difficulties and challenges arising from planned and unplanned change.
  3. Evidence heightened personal understanding of change in relation to workplace participation.
  4. Demonstrate critical analysis through engagement with practical difficulties of managing organisational change.

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Strategic Management in Action

This module of the business top-up degree involves a detailed analysis of the strategic options available to major international corporate organisations and the implementation challenges associated with those strategic options. The module will focus on two central themes. Firstly, the organisation’s exploitation of competitive opportunities: here the module will review the techniques for identifying and evaluating the strategic options available to organisations, taking into account modern approaches to strategy formulation in a globalised environment. Secondly, the management of change: here the module will consider the various issues involved in the implementation of those strategic options selected, with particular emphasis on resources, people, and systems.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the strategic issues and choices facing business organisations; and the resource implications of the strategic management process, bearing in mind recent developments in strategic thinking.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the implementation issues facing business organisations; and the role of leadership and innovation in the management of change.
  3. Undertake a detailed analysis and evaluation of the strategic options available to a business organisation and then report and present those findings in an appropriate manner.

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Sustainable Management Futures

This is a core module of the online BA in Business Management degree course. It is a capstone module that takes a futures perspective on management, organisations and the changing nature of business and enterprise models. It is both a forward-looking and integrative module that aims to bring together our students’ understanding of the evolving context of sustainable management. The module takes a dimension-based view of the notion of sustainable management futures by introducing the ‘people, planet and profit lenses’ for understanding sustainable management. We aim to introduce students to the idea and value of developing a ‘futures mindset’ from a number of perspectives, including ethical and entrepreneurial; tolerant and innovative; and responsible and responsive.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of the complexity of the dynamics concerning sustainable management in its three dimensions: planet, people and profit.
  2. Critically evaluate individual and organisational actions and behaviour against a framework for sustainable management practices.
  3. Examine the various types of corporate ‘failures’ and evaluate the policy responses available together with the case for sustainable management.

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Undergraduate Major Project

The Major Project module allows students to engage in a substantial piece of individual research and/or product development work on a selected topic within the broad business and management field, as appropriate to their interests and background. It is the culmination of this accredited business top-up degree.

The project’s topic will be assessed for suitability to ensure sufficient academic challenge and satisfactory supervision by an academic member of staff. The chosen topic will require the student to identify/formulate problems and issues, conduct literature reviews, evaluate information, investigate and adopt suitable development methodologies, determine solutions, develop hardware, software and/or media artefacts as appropriate, process data, critically appraise and present their finding using a variety of media. One of the main focuses for the design of this module has been the further development of relevant employability and professional skills.

Credits: 30
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Research Report

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Choose and define the scope of an appropriate area for structured desk-based investigation/design/development.
  2. Collect, organise, understand and interpret information from a variety of appropriate resources, acting autonomously, with minimal supervision.
  3. Identify, select and justify the use of appropriate techniques, methods and development strategies.
  4. Critically evaluate evidence to justify and support conclusions/recommendations.
  5. Communicate effectively in a form appropriate to the topic chosen and audience identified and produce detailed and coherent work.

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Projects you will be part of for the Online Business Management Degree Programme

Online business management degree programme - Project 1

Building your corporate brand

For this module assessment, you need to choose a brand from the Interbrand Top 100 list and then answer 4 questions on brand management, using the Customer-Based Brand Equity Model. You are allowed a maximum of 12 slides. Soft copy of your slides including detailed speaker notes are to be submitted as well.

Online business management degree programme - Project 2

Marketing driven businesses

In light of emerging customer demands, companies are now prioritising Marketing as a company-wide concern. Having decided on a specific company, you are to identify a company problem that demands a marketing solution. By conducting an audit of the marketing situation for the company, you are to present your findings and recommendations in a clear and justified manner

Online business management degree programme - Project 3

Strategic Management Case Study

This assessment is based on a case study and contains four sections that cover four main thematic areas of the module. You are required to carry out your own research on this case organisation and collect relevant information beyond what is provided in the case study. By applying strategic management modules and supportive research, it is important to display your critically thinking and critical analysis skills when answering the assignment questions

Online business management degree programme - Project 4

The dynamics concerning Sustainable Management

This module is assessed based on 3000 word report on a company of your choosing. You are to critically evaluate the company from the perspective(s) of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and/or sustainability using two contrasting conceptual or theoretical approaches. The range of material you analyse could include information provided by the company as well as other sources such as stories in the media or specific incidents the company has been involved in.

Online business management degree programme - Project 5

Implementing change in an organisation

This assessment is based on three main elements of the module; strategic change, resistance to change and employee involvement. You are required to answer three assignment questions, each based on one of the three elements, and use theory to support and justify your response. The assessment aims for learners to become aware of the practical difficulties of managing and coping with organisational change; and also to consider how effective workplace change might be achieved by individuals, teams and organisations.

Online business management degree programme - Project 6

Developing a company strategy

There are three case studies presented for this module assessment and you are required to answer an assignment question for each case study. The first question will be based on the strategy development processes. The second question will test your knowledge on the structural changes required for a company to succeed and the final question will be on leadership and strategic change in an organisation.

Online business management degree programme - Project 7

Your research project

To complete your online Bachelor’s in Business Management degree programme, you are required to conduct research on a selected topic relating to business and management, and submit a dissertation. Organisational and time management skills are crucial to carry out this project as you will be assessed based on your ability to identify and formulate problems and issues, evaluate information, conduct a literature review, determine solutions and present your findings.

Entry Requirements for the BA in Business Management (Top-Up) The prerequisite knowledge and/or experience you would need to study this course:

  • Secondary Education equivalent to three GCSEs and two A Levels AND
  • A good command of English (equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or above) PLUS

One of the below access qualifications

Alternative course option:

If are not eligible for this Online BA in Business Management degree (Top-Up), you can sign up for our full BA in Business Management course online which is also awarded by Anglia Ruskin University. The full degree programme’s entry requirements are less demanding and may be the ideal course for you. Learn more course information here.

FAQs for the Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

Who should attend?

LSM Education’s accredited Online BA in Business Management (top-up) degree is the best online management degree for individuals who wish to secure a business degree course within a year, without having to commit to a three or four-year programme. Upon completion of this business top-up degree, individuals will have the knowledge needed to evaluate key business models, and help contribute positively to an organisation’s success.

What’s included before I enrol?

Free consultation – One on one communication with our student advisors to help you select the ideal course for your career development.

What's included after I enrol?

  • A welcome webinar – Conducted by a member from our academic team to provide you with an introduction to the course.
  • Extensive course materials – Our online BA in business management degree cost includes structured lecture notes, practical application of theoretical concepts with industry examples and case studies that challenge you to apply your knowledge
  • A comprehensive e-library – Containing the recommended study texts for your course modules and access to Mintel market reports.
  • Interactive webinars – Conducted by module tutor before and after you submit a draft assignment or face a mock exam.
  • Dedicated one to one tutor support – He/she will work closely with you and provide complete guidance to help pass your assessments.

What happens after I complete the course?

Upon successful completion, you will be provided with the following:

  • Certification from the University – Delivered to your residential address and does not mention the study mode on the certificate as distance learning.

Can I get additional help?

We understand that online education requires more than one-way communication from the tutor. As a student of LSM Education following the online Bachelor’s degree in business management, you will be assigned a personal tutor to clarify and sort any enquiries you may have. In addition, we also provide student support through the following methods:

  • Mock examinations/ draft assignment feedback – Before your final assessments for this business degree course, you will be given the opportunity to present your work to a tutor for feedback. This will help you to identify whether you meet the requirements, where you could improve and how you could improve.
  • Administrative support – You will be provided guidance from our dedicated administrative team. Their role is to answer all your questions with regard to the business top-up degree course structure, assessment deadlines or any other course related questions you may have.
  • Peer support – Share study questions and ideas with your fellow course mates on our multi-platform accessible learning platform. To gain the best value from your online degree in business management, we recommend that you use this facility to network and build strong connections with your course mates.

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