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Terminology that sets apart Islamic Finance from conventional Finance

25 May 2017

Relatively speaking, Islamic finance forms a relatively small, but significant part of the international world of finance. However, in stark contrast to the western banking system, which has for the most part been struggling to produce significant profits since the 2008 recession, this sector is currently booming. Over the last 10 years, this little-known portion of the global finance industry has been enjoying steady annual growth rates of between 15-20% and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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Why marketers should invest in a master's degree

15 May 2017

Marketing is a very exciting industry to be working in right now. However, it is also becoming both increasingly technical and competitive. In order to stand out, marketers should consider investing in their career with a marketing master's degree.

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Make the move from Courtroom to Corporate boardroom with an LLM degree

8 May 2017

Practising private law is not for everyone – and it is certainly not always as glamorous and exciting as it is made out to be on television. While some see it as a vocation, others may find the reality of a traditional legal career less than fulfilling.

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Five 'middleman' businesss for a business management degree graduate

3 May 2017

For a long time, many internet-based companies focused on 'cutting out the middleman' in order to pass on savings for their customers. However, in an age of increasing globalisation, the so-called 'middle-man' is making a comeback. There are a number of reasons for this. According to Abigail T. Cooke, 'Fundamentally, middlemen absorb risk,' whether this be physical distance, cultural or language barriers, or lack of trust. After the global financial crash, trust and risk are two of the biggest barriers to trade. Anyone who is able to overcome these helps to increase trade, thereby generating 'benefits for all'.

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Why a Masters in Finance will help you land a banking job

28 Apr 2017

According to The Economist: "In 2007, 46% of London Business School’s MBA graduates got a job in financial services; in 2013 just 28% did, with investment banking taking a lower share even of that diminished figure." So what has happened since the global financial crash?  

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The importance of HR analytics, as taught in our HRM Masters course

8 Jun 2017

There are several factors that contribute to the success and continuity of a business, one of which is human capital. By effectively managing employees, utilising their skills optimally and maintaining a good employee retention rate, a business can improve its productivity rates and chances of achieving its business goals.

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Why part-time MBAs are better studied online

23 May 2017

Long seen as a golden ticket to promotion and business success – MBAs can be both expensive and demanding. Not everyone has the free time and money to undertake this degree full-time. In this blog post, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of studying for a part-time MBA – and smart ways to mitigate any potential downsides.

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Is bad publicity the new 'thing' in marketing?

12 May 2017

There's an old adage in PR and marketing that "there's no such thing as bad publicity." But is it true? In an era of so-called 'post-truth politics', fake news and information overload, has bad publicity become a clever way to get your message heard? LSM investigates…

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The route to becoming a chartered accountant for an accounting degree student

5 May 2017

Chartered status is a much sought-after accreditation, opening doors to a range of management accounting roles, as well as boosting career status and earning prospects. Around a third of all accountancy graduates go on to become chartered accountants.

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Top 5 skills employers seek in marketing degree graduates

1 May 2017

What do employers look for in new marketing recruits? This is the million dollar question almost every graduate asks themselves as they are typing up their CV and heading out into the world of jobs for the first time.

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